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Webcam plugin changelog

Change log

Version Date Change
V3.00 01.09.2014 First release Beta
V3.01 9.10.2014 Frame and video window can be sized indepently
V3.02 20.04.2015 Size of circle wasn_t saved, fixed. Installation package modified
V3.03 07.12.2015 Help file added, separate windows for axis positions and window for crosshair position
V3.04 23.02.2016 In some cases the focus wasn't kept on Mach3, fixed. Test for required processor features integrated
V3.05 21.06.2016 Crosshair broken wasn't saved, fixed. Crosshair wasn't always positioned correctly, fixed. Windows Crosshair Position and Axis Position weren't always visible, fixed. Camera resolution 1280 x 720 added. Warning added which says: Always terminate plugin before Mach3, otherwise messages from Mach3 may not be visible.
V3.06 05.12.2016 In order to solve the freezing issue, Camera selection and resolution determining has been changed
V3.07 10.7.2017 New features added. In Config dialog II added 4 checkboxes: 1) Show button "Move Offset" on main window, 2) "Set DRO to 0 at plugin termination" 3) LPT interface is used. Check this button only, if your machine is controlled by a LPT interface4, 4) if previous button is checked, "Set DRO to 0 after offsetting" can be checked
V3.08 19.07.2017 Jogging could be jerky, fixed. Checkbox "Terminate Plugin after Offsetting" in Config dialog added
V3.09 24.02.2018 New function Screenshot. With a button on the settings dialog and a LED a screenshot can be taken. The data is saved in a file. The crosshair position and the circle dialmeter can be changed by DRO's.
V3.10 29.10.2020 Little menu issus fixed
V3.11 19.12.2020 Camera image scalable added
V3.11a 22.12.2020 Problems with Win10 fixed