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PlaceOnPCB description

This program reads Eagle brd-files. It is intended as a help for placing components on a pcb and for debugging circuits.

It displays the component attributes in one window and draws the layout on a second window. It was developed with Eagle V6 and V7 brd-files. If files from newer versions are read, it could be possible, it stumbles over new attributes. These attributes are reported in a messagebox. It would be very useful for me, if I could have hat brd-file. I will use those files only for testing, then they will be deleted from my computer.

The listview can be sorted by clicking the column caption. Column "Group" shows the component selected by "package" and additional by value;
Groups are color marked. The first item of a group contains the amount of components.
A short description of the 2 methods:
1) Placing components
- Clicking the line of the component, puts a check mark in front of that line and highlights the component n the layout window.
2) Trouble shooting
- Clicking the component in the layout view, shown the attributes in a separate window
This program runs on windows 8 and higher
Monitor resolution1024 * 768
RAM 4Gb or more