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Machprofile changelog

Change history

Version Date Change
V1.01 26.11.2010 When pins 2- 9 of port 2 where set as input, the direction was wrong interpreted, fixed Window width for port address enlarged.
V1.02 28.12.2010 French text added.
V2.00 07.01.2011 Added: Save and Restore of Profiles, MachLicens, Macros, Fixtures, ToolTables
V2.01 08.01.2011 Restore aborted, fixed. Plausibility check added.
V2.02 10.01.2011 Added saving of Brains files
V2.03 18.01.2011 Wrong tool table file was saved, fixed. Added "show params". This feature shows the motor settings, all assigned ports and pins.
V2.04 06.02.2011 After first installation not all paths were predefined, fixed.
V2.05 29.03.2011 Added: Result of Comparing profiles can be searched now, wildcards ? and * are allowed.
V2.06 17.04.2011 Some minor changes.
V2.07 10.05.2011 Motor parameters and Port / Pin assignments can now be printed.
V2.08 26.05.2011 Motor / axis page shows now most of the tuning parameters and can be printed. Velocity value wasn't shown correct, fixed. Save and restore saves and restores the following files: License, Profiles, Fixtures and the following complete dirs: Addons, Flash, GCode, Plugins, SubRoutins, TurnAddons
V2.09 08.11.2011 Allocated memory in "Restore params" was in some cases to small, fixed.
V2.09a 04.10.2013 New function Print settings added
V2.10 03.04.2016 Actions -> Show settings -> General Config -> Show didn't show ToolChange Settings correct, fixed
V3.00 01.09.2017 XML-part completly rewritten. List profile added. List profile and compare profiles can now be searched in all columns.
V3.01 27.09.2017 Compare profiles has shown wrong results, fixed
V3.02 24.02.2018 Action "Show params" didn't show data.