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MachScreen changelog

Change history

Version Date Change
Beta 1.00 22.04.2008 First release
Beta 1.01 25.04.2008 File history implemented
Beta1.02 26.04.2008 New function page size and global controls markable
Beta 1.03 28.04.2008 Extensions:
Verify OS (min Win2000 requested), check of drive type for im-export function (writing to CD/DVD not possible), slider control implemented, cut, copy paste implemented, tool tips implemented
Beta 1.04 28.04.2008 Program linked with static RTL.
Beta 1.05 01.05.2008 Lettering in Listview corrected. Rubberband implemented. At pasting new controls the color will be shown All filenames on homepage put to lowercase. Showing page 50 (Jog) all persistent controls are not shown. Save as implemented. Email Address on start page corrected.
Beta 1.06 03.05.2008 Background color for tool path corrected, error message file not found shows now filename, by inserting an image / image button the directory is checked, if it isn't in the install path\Bitmaps or underneath, the function will be terminated with an error message.
Beta 1.07 05.05.2008 Hotkey view implemented.
Beta 1.08 06.05.2008 In hotkey view all pages are shown, at file new the screen will only be erase after a valid filename is given, program Icon implemented.
Beta 1.09 08.05.2008 Positioning and sizing with toolbar implemented, moving of all selected controls with keys up, down, left, right implemented
Beta 1.10 08.05.2008 Parameters of sliders in sporadic wrong shown, corrected. Copy from a file into current set- file with copy paste implemented.
Beta 1.11 30.05.2008 Program runs now also on Vista . Hor. and vert, centering implemented. Open edit-window hides property dialog. G-Code in edit window editable, colors for syntax coloring selectable, autom. capitol letters selectable, GCode and VBScript new creatable, also load and savable. For loading GCode and VBcript's buffer enlarged.
Beta 1.12 01.06.2008 German help file added.
V1.00 12.06.2008 Automatic line numbering disabled. New menu add / delete line number added, in editor find and replace added, saving to file color problem corrected. Check for multiple hotkey-assignment corrected.
V1.01 15.06.2008 Enabling / disabling of user defined edit fields corrected, First paste of controls showed wrong position, corrected, English help file added. A few descriptions only in German, corrected.
V1.02 17.06.2008 In hotkey view the positions are shown as well, in property dialog not all functions were display in the selected language, corrected. Behavior "change parameter with double click", changed, if set the corresponding dialog is opened immediately, for determining the load- and bitmap load-routine a new menu point added, with controls with bitmap filenames the dir/filename is scrollable.
V1.03 19.06.2008 The size of the opening window will be set to the size of the set-file size, if possible. Ctrl A = "select all" added. At paste not all of the data from the previous CTRL-C were pasted, corrected.
V1.04 24.06.2008 In some cases dialog data changed want to save? were posted twice, corrected. "Select all" in menu added, performance optimized.
V1.05 13.07.2008 Editor didn't recognize % as comment char corrected, filename of bitmap files corrected. Input field for text entries wrong positioned, corrected.
V1.06 24.08.2008 Port / pin check added. 
V1.07 26.08.2008 Port pin check shows errors / warnings colored, double clicking the error will show a detailed info about port, pin and signal name, now encoder pins will also be checked.
V1.08 29.08.2008 Online-help updated. Port pin check allows now selecting all LTP's or all referenced LPT's
V1.09 31.08.2008 Port Pin check shows invalid port and pin numbers in a listbox.
V1.10 13.09.2009 Program adapted to changes of Mach3, additional to the LPT address, the device name is shown. Port pin check elongates the buffers dynamically.
V1.11 16.09.2008 Exporting of profile-file (*.xml) im-exportiert added, the im-export files are saved in a separate directory per profile
V1.12 10.03.2009 Editor: If syntax coloring was on scrolling didn't work ,corrected
V1.13 21.03.2009 At opening the pin port check dialog, all found LPT's with their addresses will be displayed
V1.14 26.03.2009 Dutch translation implemented
V1.14a 08.04.2009 bug: (if nmb format > 9 digits) fixed
V1.14b 09.04.2009 bug: (move with arrow keys program crashed) fixed DE selection of ctrls with ESC implemented.
V1.14c 14.04.2009 bug:(format string wrong interpreted) fixed, (all dialog actions can be terminated with esc key. Under certain conditions, the color was changed to black) fixed). With button "frame size" you set a frame for your design, with checkbox "frame on" set on / off.
V1.14d 15.04.2009 Static German text set to multilingual, problem with color setting fixed.
V1.14e 18.04.2009 Slider problem fixed, size limitation of frame and window removed, locked for mouse move can be set / reset for all controls, lock bits are saved now.
V1.15 20.04.2009 Hor and vertical scrollbars implemented
V1.15.1 21.04.2009 Did some cosmetics
V1.15.2 22.04.2009 Bug label text fixed.
V1.15.3 23.04.2009 Program could crash under certain circumstances, fixed. Caret can now be moved within label text
V1.16 24.04.2009 If an item was selected and you opened new set-file, error msg popped up, fixed, sizing on scrolled window didn't work, fixed.
V1.17 28.04.2009 Saving problem fixed, static German text made multilingual, edit toolbar display grayed when view changed.
V1.18 29.04.2009 When program was terminated with close icon, settings were not saved, fixed.
V1.19 30.04.2009 Right mouse-button context menu added.
V1.19.1 30.04.2009 Saving data only possible when ctrls added, fixed.
V1.19.2 01.05.2009 When Copying bitmaps, the program crashed, fixed.
V1.19.3 08.05.2009 Info- and hotkey view print option added
V1.19.4 13.05.2009 Remove selection with Shift - key. Persistent items editable from every page (selectable in settings menu) added pasting into actual page, all pages or selected pages
V1.19.5 15.05.2009 Info view data can be exported in csv format. Bitmap files are released immediately
V1.19.6 18.05.2009 Most fields in the info view are now editable, when adding a new object, it can be placed at the mouse pos (must be enabled in the prog settings)
V1.19.7 19.05.2009 In info view the entries are checked for syntax now. Some small corrections.
V1.19.8 20.05.2009 Static text changed to multilingual, info view edit field on wrong place when scrolled, fixed.
V1.20.0 20.05.02009 Static text changed to multilingual, window-size frame pos corrected
V1.20.1 04.06.2009 Menu item Save as is now always enabled, selected items can be moved with the pos keys. Arrow keys move item 1 pixel, page up, page down, prev and next-keys move 5 pixels.
V1.21.0 20.06.2009 Menu item save and save button in toolbar is now always enabled, path in tip window was not hidden when escape key was hit fixed, when hitting the "All" key, all languages will be set to the selected menu language. Paste problem fixed. Multiple object positioning at mouse pointer implemented. While ctrl key is pressed, you can place multiple objects on mouse position
V1.21.1 21.06.2009 Help System changed to HTML to work on Vista as well
V1.22.0 02.07.2009 Button release problem fixed.
V1.23.0 16.07.2009 When tool path direction was not defined, the program crashed, this problem could only occur, when .designed with mach4 fixed, some minor changes on slider handling.
V1.24.0 27.07.2009 Pasting problem fixed, persistent buttons weren't shown, fixed.
V1.25.0 17.08.2009 Objects couldn't be copied in higher page numbers fixed, objects can now be pasted, without the selection-dialog, when the checkbox "Pos selection" is not checked. Edit contents of the prop dialog can now be copied and pasted within the prop dialog
V1.26.0 03.09.2009 Additional checkboxes and settings in options -> settings generic prog settings. "use larger font edit fields" when checked, the text is shown with a slightly larger font, "Set edit text selected" when checked, the whole text is selected at first double click, when in edit field "cycle time" a value > 0 is entered, the actual data is stored cyclic. In case of an abnormal termination of the program at next start, a messagbox asks whether to reload, or ignore this stored data. The value must be between 0 and 2880. Important! This cyclic storage doesn't work when a "New" design is started, you have to execute the "save", or "save as"; command, in order to enable this feature, the cursor can now be positioned within the edit field by the mouse, New menu item options -> "Set MachScreen as default screen editor" added. Meaning, if MachScreen is not running, double clicking a set-file with the explorer, starts MachScreen and loads the set-file, when a larger number of objects were selected with the rubberband, the selection could get scrambled fixed
V1.27.0 12.09.2009 Bug "paste into pages" fixed, frame size is filled with background color, bug "same width", "same height" fixed, lock bits and frame sizes stored.
V1.28.0 1.11.2009 XML check ports / pins detailed errors are now scrollable when persist, data editable on all pages was checked and you selected a persistent (hidden) object on page 50, the object frame was drawn fixed, now shortcut key "Tab" / "Shift Tab" implemented to move to next / previous page
V1.29.0 4.11.2009 When placing new bitmaps, the originally bitmap extensions are used, when check box "use org size of bitmaps" in options -> generic prog settings is set, when the program is saved to disk the size and position of the main window and property dialog is also saved. When a set-file is loaded and the checkbox "remember window positions" is set, this windows are placed at the last saved position
V1.30 8.11.200 Bug "Image button" fixed, added: Selection of overlaying elements enabled by a checkbox, when more elements are selected with the rubberband , the "master" element is flashing
V1.31 9.11.2009 Bug overlaying items "selecting none" fixed, column width of list view overlaying items are now remembered, background color outside the design area is new selectable.
V1.31.a 12.11.2009 Check ports / pins (XML check) didn't always find all installed LPT's., corrected. Error messages updated, persistent flashing problem fixed. Parts of the toolbar where occasionally invisible, corrected refresh button added
V1.31.b 13.11.2009 Background color bug fixed.
V1.31.e 17.11.2009 French menus implemented, selection problem fixed, behavior of deselecting single elements with "shift" key changed.(when "show overlaying elements for selection" was checked)
V1.32.0 18.11.2009 French menus completely translated. Some minor changes and fixes.
V1.33.0 24.11.2009 When editing the filename in the "yellow window" arrow keys and return key are now accepted. Add-on set-files can new be created and inserted in existing set-files.
V1.33.c 30.11.2009 Last used image path is now remembered , "ticker" was spelled in lower case, fixed.
V1.34 16.12.2009 New control element "image button transp.(arent)" added. Actually this is an "image button" without an image file. The filename of the loaded set-file is shown in the caption of the property dialog
V1.35 28.12.2009 Filenames are no more converted to lower case, tooltips for toolbar implemented. Control elements with height / width < 2 inhibited, elements can now be moved and sized with edit fields Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Width and Height. When Left, Right, Top or Bottom parameters are changed a new width or height is calculated.
V1.36 11.01.2010 Edit problem in overview corrected. Swapping layer of 2 selected elements added. Project im/ export added. Overlaying elements now multiple selectable.
V1.36.c 15.01.2010 DRO format display bug fixed. History depth can now be set to 0. Project export bug fixed.
V1.37 26.01.2010 Project export: Unnecessary source inquire removed. French text updated
V1.37.a 31.01.2010 Link in Help -> About box to my homepage added.
V1.37.c 05.02.2010 Buttons for page switching are highlighted when page is shown. Swap dialog fields made disabled. ctrl / shift problem fixed.
V1.37.d 06.02.2009 When "corrupted file" was continued, frame sizes were not displayed correctly, fixed
V1.38 12.02.2010 New added features: Opening last used file at start selectable. File filter *.sset added. Hotkey can now be removed with button "delete hotkey". External editor can now be selected. New icons for setting / resetting "Show overlaying elements for selection", Warning "File corrupted" can be switched off
V1.38.e 15.02.2010 Toolbar icon issue fixed. Minor changes for external editor.
V1.38.f 19.02.2010 Program memory request decreased.
V1.38.g 20.02.2010 When last used file was checked menu "insert addon" wasn't enabled, fixed.
V1.38.g 21.02.2010 DRO background issue fixed, "Insert addin" file selection dialog save changed to open. yellow windows was misplaced sometimes.
V1.39 24.02.2010 Under Win2000 the combo box for page selection didn't expand, fixed. Installation procedure for WIN2000 adapted.
V1.39a 25.02.2010 On FAT file-systems and cycle-time > 0 an mistakenly error message occurred, fixed.
V1.39.b 03.03.2010 MRU-list added. Last used file issue fixed.
V1.39.c 07.03.2010 When edit-window was closed, a dialog asked for the execute file type, even if it was known on entry time, fixed.
V1.40 14.03.2010 Multiple instances can now be run. In position box of property dialog only left corner, width and height editable. MRU issue fixed.
V1.40.b 19.03.2010 Issue, when "select only completely enclosed" was not checked fixed.. German text changed. Checkbox "Change parameters with double-click" removed. DoubleClick is now default behavior. Menu items "Reset prog values to default" and "Reset window scroll pos to zero" added.
V1.40.c 08.04.2010 When a set-file has the read-only attribute, a message box asks the user "remove attribute" yes / no.
V1.41 24.04.2010 The integrated editor supports now syntax coloring for cypress basic, additionally also Mach3 functions. When a Mach function is recognized, the available parameters are shown in a list box from where they can be selected and inserted by clicking the desired parameter.
V1.42 20.05.2010 Changes: When a Mach function is recognized, the available parameters are shown in a list box from where they can be selected and inserted by double clicking the desired parameter. Added: Syntax coloring for GCode. Toolbox for editor, undo- and redo capability. Scripts and GCode can now be printed.
V1.42.1 21.05.2010 Backslash handling corrected.
V1.43 07.06.2010 Editing issue in "sorted list view" in overview sight corrected. DRO's issue without bitmaps fixed. Path or path-filename for Window caption selectable. Editor shows now current line nmb, col nmb, char nmb and edit mode insert / overwrite
V1.43.1 15.06.2010 When the mouse is moved over a numeric constant in a script call, the value name is displayed. When long macros where loaded, the program could crash, this issue is fixed.
V1.43.2 17.06.2010 Axes A,B and C couldn't be assigned to a jog ball control, fixed.
V1.43.3 28.06.2010 "Save as" issue fixed. Cursor position is shown on property dialog, Filenames for history files are no more set to lower case, under certain circumstances the "check ports / pins" showed wrong port addresses, fixed, help file updated.
V1.44 22.07.2010 Elements from page zero (Global) can now be reassigned to a any allowed page number. Locked elements are now no more selectable. Locked control items can now be unlocked separately using menu "Edit -> Unlock single element"
V1.44.1 02.08.2010 the bitmap must no more reside in the mach-path. The root path can now be explicitly set in the settings dialog
V1.44.2 14.08.2010 If right-mouse button is clicked while script editing, Mach- and Basic functions and their parameters with the required version are shown in a dialog. Depending on the setting, either all functions, or only functions for a defined Mach version will be shown. The selected Mach version is shown in the info line on bottom of the edit-window. When a function is double clicked, the function is inserted at the current caret pos.New functions for version 42.30 and 43.06 added.
V1.44.3 15.08.2010 Some menu items were not enabled, fixed. Position of "Function dialog" is now saved.
V1.44.4 21.09.2010 Format string issue fixed.
V1.44.5 03.11.2010 When string length of label, G-Code-text, or path_of_image_file was equal to 255, the saved set-file was corrupted.
V1.44.5a 01.12.2010 Prefix VB- in text strings removed. Under certain conditions was pasting only via toolbar possible, fixed.
V1.45 28.12.2010 When text in GCode / V-field exceeded a certain length MachScreen could crash, fixed. French text updated.
V1.46 18.03.2011 In editor mode: Parameter Window could have been opened more then once, fixed. In design mode: Pages can now be selected by holding the ALT key down and click on the page selection button
V1.47 29.03.2011 Added: Files stored with "Save file as" can be added to MRU
V1.48 17.04.2011 Warning in Editor "Call depreciated" can now be disabled in editor settings dialog. Switching pages with Alt page-image-button added. DRO function code 819 added, in edit text field chars unequal to digits and letters are allowed now. Some ctrl elements were placed incorrectly when page was scrolled, corrected. Scroll wheel added, recovery file is only written after filename is defined and saved at least once.
V1.49 07.05.2011 Wrong OEM code was written, fixed.
V1.50 10.05.2011 Property dialog shows now OEM and Standard code numbers. Dialog added, to ask for acknowledging before deleting page. If the OEM/Standard code is entered in the OEM-Code -field, the code type is asked for, if necessary
V1.51 25.05.2011 DRO and slider format program part redone. Preceding text can now be added to DRO's.
V1.52 30.07.2011 added hor scrollbar to list box fct, lathe DRO's added, Current tool offset (lathe only) 245, Tool nmb and offset number"(lathe only), 246, 4th axis dia feed Mode, 187 File new positioned always on monitor 1 Pos0, now positioning to remembered pos, Editor Window: Not all codes where shown in the tip window fixed, Editor Window: Tip window flickering fixed Editor Window: Maximizing didn't work properly on secondary screen when sizes prim / sec were different fixed, All missing image files are reported immediately after loading of set file showing filename and referencing page Info "This function call is depreciated! Please use OEM / user instead" removed at DoButton, Verbal function parameter is shown above cursor if it would be outside of screen Hotkey localized char issue fixed,Attr "locked for selection" wasn't stored, fixed
V1.53 13.10.2011 In Info mode, the printed columns can now be selected, Print icon wasn't enabled in overview and hotkey view, Project export output fixed, Date / time values are build with Locals API LED'S from function code 800 upwards added
V1.53a 09.11.2011 Element movements can be locked to hor / vert, while the element is selected press L. The direction is determined by the greater difference to the start pos.
V1.54 05.01.2012 -Toggle mouse movement orthogonal / random with icon. the direction is determined by the actual mouse pos to the start mouse pos toggle toolbar element right to selection toggle, If data where changed and a file from the MRU was opened the file to be opened was overwritten, fixed -made more robust for corrupted set file dialog Show missing images made modal to mainwindow, if Alt key is pressed on start of MachScreen the cmd string and the last windows positions are ignored script length is controlled not to exceed 65535, if so, a warning message pops up, DRO format can have now a trailing text, DRO format accepts now a % in preceding / trailing text, syntax coloring switch on again, was off for debugging purposes
V1.55 03.02.2012 Display order for image_button changed, initial values for toolpath changed label and text_on_control == None and control_function and hotkey_code = -1, when view was changed to info file close button was grayed fixed, when a ctrl was deleted, overview view didn't show ctrl's behind deleted, Multi selection dialog can now also be used for changing display order with drag and drop functionality, within selection dialog changed display order can be redone, last loaded file type is remembered and suggested on save as
V1.56 01.10.2012 Pasting data from second instance was only possible with Ctrl V (menu item Paste in main and context menu wasn't enabled) fixed, copy and paste possible in listview mode, edit font combobox in settings dialog wasn't filled when language was != german, or english
V1.57 23.04.2013 Function "Collect Bitmaps" added.
V1.58 02.08.2013 After loading a script file, the cursor is moved to the beginning of the file. Font can now be changed from editor menu. Some bugs on syntax coloring fixed. When the editor window is closed, search and replace window will also be closed, if open Temp files will be placed in the installation path. MachScreen is started was Admin rights. If an assigned image was deleted from a DRO, the default color wasn't set, fixed.
V1.59 03.09.2013 MachScreen could hang in edit mode, fixed. In property dialog button "Function code" added, with this button a window can be opened with the function codes.
V1.59a 05.10.2013 Project import bug fixed
V1.59b not pulished
V1.59c 15.11.2013 Transparent LED'S, button's and images can be indicated with a dotted frame. To do this check the "Set frame on transparent ctrls".
V1.60 11.02.2014 German misspelling corrected, LED function codes 800 .. in function list added, listview header in German part had id missing, editor settings used illegal window handle, pasting in selected page crashed.
V1.61 07.04.2014 Change: "Persist. data editable on all pages" checked and selecting all elements, does not include page 0 elements when working on page 50, at loadtime MachScreen searches for elements with width and / or height = 0. If so they are shown in a listbox, Pressing "F2" will make the hotspot selection flash.
V1.61a 24.04.2014 Minor changes. Mostly spelling corrections
V1.62 22.04.2015 Slider fields "Min" and "Max" accept now signed integers
V1.63 26.11.2015 Edit "Cut" data wasn't copied to the clipboard fixed, background and text color of labels was incorrect fixed, Control field is now blanked when no control is selected
V1.64 05.02.2016 Using menu "Options reset all settings to default" removes all registry entries and creates new settings with default values.
V1.65 03.04.2016 show / save Scripts added
V1.66 11.09.2016 Added new views: userdefined LEDs, Buttons and DROs
V1.67 23.04.2017 History feature is only performed if opening it is successful and data are not corrupted. Minor changes due to different char sets. Checkbox "Hide Page0" added to control dialog Checkbox "Remember setting of "Hide Page 0" in Generic progr settings added.
V1.68 06.10.2017 Resizing pages added, show scripts was showing wrong page numer, fixed, scrollrange was in some cases not deep enough, fixed
V1.69 24.02.2018 Text corrections. Listview user defined LED's, button's and DRO's can be sorted
V1.70 06.01.2019 Function "collect bitmap files" copies now LED bitmap files also. Sizing didn't work if page 0 wasn't defined. Main window can't be set to size smaller than 600 * 60
V1.71 26.08.2019 Collecting bitmaps minor bug-fixes. Additions: Function "Collect bitmaps" can now also be selected bei control element types. When finished it reports number of copied and adapted filenames.
V1.72 28.02.2020 Problems at screenset load fixed
V1.72a 27.01.2021 New menu item "Move property dlg into view" under Options added
V1.73 28.08.2021 Using "Open File or Save file as" in Editor could crash program. Fixed
V1.74 24.03.2023 DRO format settings are checked now. Allowed entries are 6 digits before comma and 16 digits after comma.