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MachScreen script examples

These scripts are intended to show only the basics of script programming
Download script examples

When downloading, all samples are downloaded at once. Double .click MachScreenScriptSamplesVn.mm.exe to copy them to C:\Mach3.

All Samples have a: Reset Button, Reset LED, Clear button to clear the error label, Label Error, Ticker

Testing the scripts
Start Mach3, Load screenset and go: Mach3 menu View -> Load Screens, Select screenset from C:\Mach3
There ae 2 ways for Inspecting the scripts
1 Start Machscreen, Load screenset, MachScereen menu File-> Open File select screenset from C:\Mach3 Select screen set by clicking it with the left mouse button
In the properties dialog you'll find the parameters of the selected screen set if standard code 34 is shown you can show the script by double clicking the value column of the execute line the editor will show the script is shown in the

2 when loaded in Mach3 use Mach3 menu "Operator" -> "Edit Button Script" All buttons with an assigned script start flashing, click the button of interest. The script is shown in an editor, he editor can also be used for testing

Sample ToggleButton This sample uses a LED to show the function. A button click will set the LED on, the next click will set it off. Make sure the button number isn't used in the screenset else where

Sample Do On Condition 1 This sample shows how to switch to a specific page only if a password is set

Sample Do On Condition 2 This sample demonstartes a button click takes only an action if a condition is true. If the Tool Nmb DRO is equal to 5 every "Do On Condition" click will increment the Y-DRO, otherwize no action will be taken.

Sample Keyboard
This sample shows a keyboard.
This sample shows messages, the languge can be set in line 56 of script of key "Enter"
Operating principles Select target. In the sample you can select: DRO X, DRO Y, DRO Z, DRO, A, DRO B, DRO C, MDI, Tool Nmb
type a value - if Shift-key is clicked, the next entered char will be upper case and the Shift-key is reset.if Shift Lock is clicked, the next entered char, will be in upper case. Click Enter to move the value to the selected control

Sample JogStepLED
This script shows how to indicate the actuel Jog Step width using a LED
Sample SetJogStepWidthDirect This script shows how to set the Jog Step width direct by ticking a button

Sample ToggleButtonColor This script shows how to to toggle a buttons color depending on on / off state. This is done by adding a LED with the red / green attribut on top of a transparent image button