Hard - and Software


Edge finder with Webcam standalone version






Clicking menu "Camera on / off" starts a search for connected cameras. If more than 1 camera is found, you must selected a camera out of the found cameras. After doing that, the frames are shown.


Clicking the menu item "Settings" opens a dialogbox.

In the upper half you'll find sliders for changing size of the rectangle and circle, angle of the crosshair and the framerate. If X = Y is checked, the sides of the rectangle are set to the same length.


in the lower half you'll find the buttons for switching on / off  the crosshair, circle and rectangle.With the button interrupted the center part of the crosshair can be hidden. With the sliders you can define the colors for crosshair, circle and rectangle. If "Remember Pos" is checked, pos and size of the windows is remembered.