Hard - and Software


Program to parameterize "UHU" servo-controls






The program is written in C.


Data transfer to COM interface runs in an own thread. Every telegram response is verified, Input requests are time controlled.


The program is stored in self extracting form on this site.


Installation: Download program to a local directory. Start extracting by double-clicking the prog icon. At the first start the program need only the com number to start.  The program was developed and tested on Win XP SP2.  It should also run an Win98 / WinMe / Win2000 and Vista. Under Win98 / WinMe settings for response signals are not possible, in this case the system beep signals are used.









The program loads saves, saves as 3 different parameter sets. At saving you can specify a processor serial number and a comment, to identify the set.  At loading the date of saving, processor number and comment is show to identify the parameter set. You can either load the set and store into the processor by command, or automatic. At loading the saving date, processor number and comment is shown





All numeric values can be set by value in a edit-field, a slider. All values are send to the processor with the button  "Send", or automatically when using the slider (must be activated in Options-> Prog). The response of the controller is verified and shown in the info line.





Generic prog settings

Com interface

Colors for analyze window

Frequency and duration for acoustic messages




Shows version info and copyright



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