Hard - and Software


Camera Plugin for Mach3




This program is written without using DirectX. This is done to keep the CPU consumption as low as possible.





This program is available as a self extracting exe-file. Download the program to any directory on your computer Double-clicking the filename starts the installation. If mach3 is installed in the standard folders, you can keep the suggested directories. After Mach3 is started you have to enable the plugin, by selecting configuration -> configure plugins and enable the plugin "webcam K.Dietz". After doing so, you have to restart Mach3. Over the new existing menu point Cameraplugin K.Dietz you can start the camera-plugin. If there is only one camera driver installed you see the picture without doing anything else.  In case you have more then one driver installed you have to select the driver via the button "Select device".





Dialog Mach3 camera plugin


With slider "Circle" you can set the diameter of the circle.

With slider "Crosshair" you can set the angle of the crosshair

With slider  "Frame rate" you can set the sampling rate in steps of 20ms. With this setting you can degrease the CPU consumption, the disadvantage -> it takes more time to see the movement

with the 3 Scrollbars "circle "and "crosshair" you can set the colors of the circle and crosshair

with button "Select" device you can adjust the brightness, contrast etc.

The camera window can be switched on / off with the SetLed command. These commands can be called from a button, or macro