Hard - and Software


Keypad plugin for Mach3


Virtual numeric keypad


This Mach3 plugin is a virtual numeric Keypad indented for touchscreens to set DRO's.



Download program and start installation by double-clicking the exe-file. There are 2 possibilities to start the keypad: Start the keypad by using the Mach3 menu, or put a button to your screen set with the following properties: "Execute code" SetUserLED(1100,1). A video is under

Downloads -> MachScreen videos -> Using the build in Editor  available



In the Config dialog you can set:

LED number which is used in the "Execute code" SetUserLED(1100,1)

Assignment up to 6 DRO's

Button sizes adjustable. The dialog size dynamically calculated by the button size.

Choice of two skins

Plain numeric keypad and math keypad


In the Settings dialog you can set:

Text sizes for numeric, - DRO name - names  and combo boxes selectable

Remember size and position of keypad dialog