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Change log


Version Date Change
BetaV1.0.0 07.10.2020 First release
BetaV1.0.1 07.10.2020 Button "Allways show top and bottom" added
BetaV1.0.2 08.10.2020 more Messages added
BetaV1.0.3 08.10.2020 partly translated
BetaV1.0.4 09.10.2020 Some layouts were displayed too large, corrected
BetaV1.0.5 13.10.2020 Sorting "group" added.
V1.0.0 17.10.2020 In "Group" sort view values are also sorted. In first line of group the amount is shown. Message "Unexpected element found" can now be switched off.
V1.0.0a 18.10.2020 Translation completed