Hard - and Software


Program MachScreen



Program MachScreen is a "Screen Designer" for Mach3 from Artsoft and runs  on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 / 8 / 10 platforms.






Selectable language. At the moment you can select out of German, English, Dutch and French.

All actions in design mode can be "Undone"

Im - Export of fixture-, tool-, macros-, license- and profile files.

Im- Export project consisting of screen-file and the correspondent bitmap files.

 Insert addon, inserts screen-set files in an existing screen file.

Swap layer.

Lock / Unlock  elements from being move with the mouse

Collect Bitmaps. With this function bitmaps and bitmap buttons can be collected in a directory, that is moved from one directory to a new directory. this gives the opportunity to stripp off all unused bitmaps.

Online help.



Design view

Info view

Hotkey view

Undo function


File history

Showing and saving scripts to disk







Im- or export fixtures, tools, macros and the license file can be im - and/or exported




Saves / restores the project files (*.set and bitmaps) to / from save media





          1)    In the design view you can create / change the set file of Mach3

          2)    The info view shows the controls with their attributes in a tabular form

          3)    the hotkey view shows all used hotkeys with their assigned parameters



Selectable language

You can select the language for the following components like menu, error messages, tags and functions.



Undo possibility in design-mode and editor

All changes in design mode and editor can be undone.





Via menu, or toolbar you can create / open a screen set file.

at new- dialog you will be ask for the window size.

the central dialog is divided in 5 groups:


Group page:

- select the page number

- create new page

- delete existing page


Group position:

- shows the position, width and height of the currently selected control

- Button "position" positions the selected control with the current size

- Shows the controls in a combo box for selection

- Button Add places the selected control on the current page


Group colors:

- shows the colors of the selected control

- right mouse click starts a dialog to change the color


Group control type:

- shows the control depended parameters

- double clicking the column value starts a dialog to change a parameter

- this dialog shows only the available Values like "Cycle start"

- the definition of numeric values is done with "OEM - code"

- double clicking the line hotkey in column "value" starts assigning a hotkey combination

- double clicking in line "execute code" in column "value" starts a built-in editor

- with key "hotkey direct" the hotkey value can be assigned direct



Info View

this view shows all controls of the *.set file in tabular form

The sorting order can be changed by clicking in the caption column

Export data in csv-format (delimiter is semicolon)




Hotkey View

this view shows all assigned hotkeys of the *.set - file in tabular form. The system-defined hotkeys are not shown

The sorting order can be changed by clicking in the caption column







syntax coloring

- adds line numbers

- deletes line numbers

- optional automatic capital letters

- cut, copy paste text

- search text

with the following filters

complete word

case sensitive

direction up / down

- replacing text ,once , all

with the following filters

complete word

case sensitive



File history

- At opening a *.set file, a copy with the filename.sen will be saved in the mach3 directory. Where n is a number between 0 and 9.  The max value can be set in the settings dialog


Showing and saving scripts to disk

All Scripts of the screen set can be shown and saved to a disk. A Page filter helps to build user friendly structures.