Hard - and Software


Program MachProfile




Program features:


Show a profile

Comparison of Mach3 profile files(XML)

Search for parameters of profile files

Saves and restores all imported files and directories

Shows all installed LPT-cards with their port addresses

Checks port and pin settings and report multiple or missing assignments

show or print all profile parameters. The output looks like screenshots of the Mach3 settings dialogs





This programs runs on WinXP, Win Vista and Win7


Download MachProfile to your computer and double click MachProfile.exe.






Comparison of Mach3-Profile files

This function compares 2 Mach3 profile files. There is no possibility to edit parameters with this program. Changements must be done with Mach3. A different amount of elements in profile files are marked as error. After comparison has completed, Strings, or part specified strings can be searched.


Handling:    Menu Actions -> Compare profiles

In order to compare, you must specify two profile-files(*.xml). Hitting button Load data loads the data and searches for elements. After loading the buttons Set filter and compare are enabled. Default filter setting is "no filter".  Click button Compare to compare the profile files. Depending on the radio-buttons "Show all elements" or "Show only differences" the result of the comparison is shown in report.  Differences are colored.



Search for parameters of profile files

To search for a string enter the search string in field "Search string" and click Search. The search looks  only for values on the "Tag" column. The filed "Hits" shows how often the search-string was found. If more than 1 hit is found,  the buttons Show first, Show next and Show last are enabled.

Partly qualified strings.

For example, if you are looking for a string "Dist" you would enter "Dist*", and click Search. The Result would be Dist0, Dist1...., DistanceMode, Distance and so on. An entry of "Dist" (without * star) would set "Hits" to 0.



Saves and restores all imported files and directories

Via a dialog directories and files can be selected for saving and restoring.

The following files, directories can be saved, restored:

Profile-files (*xml), Brains, License, Fixtures, Macros, Tooltable,


 Addons, Flash, GCode, Plugins, SubRoutines und TurnAddons




Showing the port addresses of all LPT interfaces

The program searches for all installed LPT'S and shows them in the form: Port name und Port-address.


Handling:  Menu Actions ->  Check ports and pins

There must be a profile-file selected. The analyze is started hitting the button Check. The result is shown in form of a report. If more than 1


Checks port and pin settings and report multiple or missing assignments

LPT interface is recognized, the result for each interface is shown in a separate sheet.

The following conditions are marked as errors:

Port addresses found in the profile are unknown to the system

In- or Output pin number are < 1 or > 25

Direction of Input / Output pin is wrong

If more signals are assigned to one pin. Since the program can't determine whether this is an error, double clicking that field shows a detailed info.


Show Settings

via a dialog box the profile path must be specified, in case a print out into a file is requested, you also have to specify the print path.

The parameters to show are selected by checkboxes.