Program GCode2Toolpath



This program interprets GCode files and displays the resulting toolpath


This program shows in a fast and easy way the toolpath of GCode files in 2D or 3D mode.. It also shows the found GCode words.

In 3D mode the object can be tilt, panned and sized.

In both display modes colors can be assigned to the movement codes G0, G1, G2, G3, G28, G30 and drill cycles.





Optional an editor window with the GCode can be opened. By moving through the GCode with the arrow keys, all movements are identified  the start and end position



  Short cut keys for the editor:

Ctrl A            Select All

 Ctrl C            Copy selected data

Ctrl V            Insert clipboard text data

Home            Moves the cursor to start of line

End               Moves the cursor to end of line     

Ctrl Home     Moves the cursor to start of file

Ctrl End        Moves the cursor to end of file

PgUp            Moves the cursor 1 page up

PgDn            Moves the cursos 1 page down

Arror Up        Moves the cursor 1 line up

Arror down    Moves the cursor 1 line down





This programs runs on WinXP, Win Vista and Win7


Download MachProfile to your computer and double click MachProfile.exe.





Ater the program is started , it shows 3 columns, Column 1 shows all found drives, column 2 shows GCcode-files  and column shows the tollpath. Click at the +sign left to the drive name. Select the folder containing the GCode, this will show you the GCode files. Click at the filename and the toolpath is shown in column 3.



This program is no simulation program!